Saturday, October 30, 2010

Take Care on Halloween!

I'm not a huge fan of Halloween and I just want to say to everyone....take care tomorrow night.

When I was a teenager, two of my friends and I jumped on the back of Billy O'Brien's jeep. We were driving down Drury Lane where so many of my classmates lived. We were having the best time, waving to everyone and laughing. Some of the guys yelled "O'B!!!" and they started throwing eggs at the jeep. All of a sudden Marylee wasn't sitting between Margaret & me anymore. She was laying flat on her back crunched up and in excruciating pain. She got hit in her right eye with an egg. We yelled for Billy to stop the jeep and Margaret and I put her between us. With her arms wrapped around our necks, we got her home. She was in such pain, she couldn't uncurl her body so her feet didn't touch the ground. Luckily, she lived on Drury Lane. Her father, who was a pretty pretty high-powered lawyer, went wild. He was yelling..."who did this, who did this?" over and over. "Dunno", we said. "It was dark, there were a lot of kids on the street". He called his brother who happened to be a doctor and we waited until he got there and then left.

A couple of days later, an investigator called me asking me questions. Marylee's dad offered a reward to anyone who could identify the guys who threw the eggs. He kept his money because no one would speak to the investigator.

Marylee had to lie flat in a dark room for at least a month. We used to go after school to her house and read her lessons by the light of a very small high intensity lamp. She lost all but her peripheral vision in her right eye. She was never the same after that. She was nervous in cars and really lost her ability to have fun. Can't blame her one bit.

Now despite such a loss, Marylee went to Tufts medical school and she is now a practicing dentist!!! Can you imagine that?!# Margaret goes to her. I would too but she's back in Connecticut.

So have fun tomorrow night, but don't partake in any kind of risky business where someone might get hurt! Just take care!

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  1. Susan, thanks for being a good "Mom" and reminding us how one stupid moment can live on forever if you are not careful.