Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Beautiful Grandsons!

That little juicy one on the right is 6-year-old Trey and he is the sweetest honey bear. He starts kindergarten in the fall. And Patrick, my heart, is 19 years old and the best big brother a kid could have. There is a chance that they will be moving back to San Diego (with their sister, Viv, and their parents, Estes & Dave) in August. I am not supposed to breath a word about it because Dave has not officially accepted the job offer yet but he's got one!!! I am daring to dream of having all my chickies close to me again. To watch them grow up and witnesses all the events in their young lives would bring me the greatest joy. I write this to make it happen. Hold a good thought for us.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Turkey Stampede!

The Turkey Stampede is a terrific reason to go to the Del Mar Fair. What on earth, you may rightfully ask, is a turkey stampede? It is the creation of an ingenious couple from Ramona who have figured out a way to get turkeys to run around a race track chasing a remote controlled red truck, appropriately named "Big Red". The bed of Big Red contains feed and those crazy turkeys chase it like a gazelle chasing prey. Big ol' dorky, funny looking turkeys!
I don't want to give away the whole show, but kids from the audience are included in part of the show (one who announced she was from "The United States of America" when asked where she was from). And the couple who runs it..well, the woman is so naturally funny and great with a crowd that this is a Don't Miss!