Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Succulents Are Popping Up Everywhere!

The other day I stopped by Anderson's Nursery and I saw this amazing sight...a bumper turned into a traveling home for succulents. I was so impressed. I have trouble keeping one alive by my kitchen sink, never mind tending to an outdoor, moving garden. Now that I think about it, I guess this means that you couldn't go into a car wash. Not even a succulent shower cap would protect them from the fury in one of those. And what about theft and vandalism? Okay. I'm overthinking this, I know.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter in Llama!

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Eat lots of jelly beans and remember the excitement of being a kid when that bunny showed up while you were sleeping and hid the damn basket in places that were hard to find.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Knitter Torrie Dunlap Speaks at Pentagon

We get to know so many wonderful women in our business. They come from all walks of life and are brought together in the pursuit of creativity and inspiration. One of the most creative and generous souls to cross our threshold is Torrie Dunlap. She is the Executive Director of KIT and has a busy travel schedule. I love to know where she's been and recently I asked her about her trips this year. She mentioned she was in D.C. and as an afterthought she said, "oh, yeah, I spoke at the Pentagon which was cool!" (Well I guess!!!) Good lord. Now how many people can say that?!#@ Bravo, Torrie!!!

P.S. Torrie is entertaining the idea of knitting her beautiful nephew the farm and all its animals from Spud & Chloe at the Farm. I'm on board and we're starting with the lambie. Give me a call at the shop (619) 284-7684 if you care to join us!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hello Babies!

We all but finished our Hello Baby sweaters on Sunday. As to be expected, one is cuter than the next! I love the button choices!

Jessie's on the right is trimmed in "Toast" and has these darling wood buttons that complement the organic feel of the sweater.

Karen chose the sweetest polymar clay leaf buttons that look as if they were dyed to match "Grass".

The ones on my shop sample (pictured below right) are handmade glass with each being a tad different. This variation creates a more fun look for a baby sweater. The trim is called "Waterslide" and it is one of Spud & Chloe's newest Sweater colors.

As for the "Hello Baby" pattern, it is well written re: the body of the sweater. Knit from the top down there is virtually no sewing involved except a stitch or two under the arms. So I would recommend this pattern to new knitters who can knit and purl comfortably.

However, when it comes to the applied I-cord, it is a challenge to get started. The directions in the pattern aren't going to help new knitters. I have knit a gazillion I-cords in my lifetime (starting with my Little Red Spinning Wheel when I was a wee one), but have never done an "applied" version. There are gaps in the pattern instructions. I ended up figuring this out by referring to online tutorials. The stitch itself is easy, but getting started can be a bit tough. These instruction may help.

Applied I-cord for Hello Baby sweater:

Step 1: Cast on 2 stitches on a #7 dpn with contrasting yarn. Without turning, slide the same two stitches to the opposite end of the needle (this is the I-cord part). Knit one of them, slip the second one as if to purl, yarn over.

Step 2: Attaching stitches on the dpn to the sweater stitches. With the same dpn in your right hand and the circular needle in your left (the one that holds all the picked up sitches from the right front, neckline, and left front of the sweater), knit 1 sweater stitch from the bottom right front of the sweater. You now have 4 stitches on your right dpn: from right to left, you have 1 knit stitch, 1 slipped stitch, 1 yarn over, and 1 sweater stitch.

Step 3: Pass the 2nd and 3rd stitches (i.e., the YO and slipped stitch) on the dpn in your right hand over the sweater stitch. You now have two stitches left on your right needle; the 1 knit stitch and the 1 sweater stitch.

Step 4: I-cord part
Push both these stitches to the opposite end of the needle and knit 1 stitch, slip the next, YO 1, and knit the next sweater stitch. You now have 4 stitches on your right dpn.

Repeat Steps 3 & 4 until all of picked up stitches on sweater have been knit.

Finishing: End by casting off the last two stitches that remain on your needle in Step 3. Weave in your tail and you're done!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's A-OK to Flounder!!!

I hate to beat the fish thing to death, but c'mon, they're popping up everywhere. Forget owls. They are passe. Focus on the fish!

For weeks now, I've been checking Knitty, waiting for their Spring issue. Finally, today, I was not disappointed. If I didn't have to work at 11:00 (I know, I should be getting ready), I'd whip one of these Flounders out. The instructions appear to be very clear and the technique photos are terrific. Don't be dissuaded by the length of the pattern. It appears that the designer is just being very thorough, spoon feeding all the directions.

Anybody up for a Flounder Knit-Along in May? Ahem, judipatuti? You can make up for dissing my fish socks by joining me!