Sunday, February 20, 2011

Peep Mugs & Key Chains Have Arrived!

Well it seems like we have waited forever to receive these irresistible mugs and key chains! Finally, they have arrived and they could not be cuter! They are made in Sri Lanka by a British company. Dream in Color is the U.S. distributor. At the TNNA, their rep mentioned that they were having a hard time getting product. Hence the time delay and the partial order. Coming sometime in the future are coasters, aprons, lambie banks, and salt & pepper shakers. Some things are worth waiting for!
P.S. I've carried mugs designed with knitters in mind and have not reordered since there were flaws in the color and some arrived chipped. The peep mugs are well made and each is flawless!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Bling Bites

Oh man, Pagewood Farm is Out Of Control!!!!! Their colors are so saturated, so drenched that it makes your teeth hurt to look at them!!! Their Bling Bites are mill ends, hand-dyed by Robin. They're perfect for needle felting or just incorporating into a scarf, cuffs, or collars.

So many uses for these yummy tidbits! We just received our shipment late last week and have some gorgeous colors! So come check them out!!! Every fiber lover should have a little Bling in their collection, no?!#

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Baaa Studs!

For all those lambie lovers out there, this is the most astounding video! Can't imagine what it took to coordinate and plan this from above never mind pull it off!

P.S. Needed a visual so I am sharing a photo I took at the Del Mar Fair last summer. These pampered pets are not in the video!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I Want for Valentine's Day

I am all about chocolate and always have been. In the mid-80's, my parents moved to Belgium for 3 years and I agreed to let them go if they sent me shipments of Belgian chocolate (purportedly the best in the world). I still have one deep velvet heart box from those days that I keep sea shells in. Well, spoiled I was. After that experience, most chocolate tasted like Crisco to me and I wasn't even able to eat M&M's for a few years. Luckily that was a long time ago and my palette has dulled and my standards have dropped. Until, that is, I discovered Eclipse Chocolat Cafe on El Cajon Blvd, not far from the Grove.

I was first introduced to Eclipse when a customer of ours named August mentioned that he works there. My business partner then came in with their caramels one day and I have never, not ever, tasted anything so good. Honestly. I am prone to exaggeration but not in this case, I swear. Then August brought me a chocolate lavender sea salt something-or-other bar and I was hooked. Their chocolates are all made on the premises and are remarkably fresh. You don't know fresh chocolate until you've taste theirs. The exotic ingredients they use, including rose petals and violets, are amazing. It's almost as if you can't taste those flavors but you can smell them. It's like your mouth is infused with the smell of flowers in a good way!
The salts they use are also exotic...they push everything over the top.

So, If you have a love in your life who is crazy about must check this place out! Also, they have chocolate drinks that I've heard are heavenly and happy hours where they serve truffles with every glass of wine. Awesome.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stop in the name of Yarn before you break my heart!

Well, we picked up some friends and were on our way to the movies and they insisted on going in this particular direction. You have got to come to a full stop at the next stop sign, they said. Full stop indeed! Do you believe it?!# I've read about decorating trees and outdoor sculpture with knitwear but had never seen it done. This stop sign scarf is at Pocahontas and Hatteras Ave. in Clairemont across from the Montessori School. How cool is that? If you have made any similar sightings in San Diego, do let me know. I'm thinking about knitting a scarf for the bike sculpture in front of the Grove. Maybe this summer when it slows down a bit!