Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I've been looking around this little bungalow and notice that in the move (3 years ago!), we never got out our photos. There's nary a one to be seen except for our wedding picture and a few shots of our chickies on the refrigerator door. DH said he would go through the photos on his computer and start pulling some. This morning when I opened my email, he had sent me this picture of my beloved dog Scooter-the-best-dog-who-ever-lived and grandbaby Viv. This was not a posed picture. Honestly. They just loved each other from the get go! Couldn't get much sweeter now, could it?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Girls!

Here's little Frankie on my arm about to test her little wings. Although we don't think the girls are related they are very attached to one another. This is Betty when we separated her from Frankie:
She was not happy. And it reminded me of when my sister and I were separated. I was just like Betty when my sis left for college! And lastly, here is Betty as DH's third eye:
I wish I could knit a sweater out of their wing feathers since they are so beautiful and silky. And a beret out of the down on their little heads and necks. Aside from fantasizing about defeathering them, I promised that I would have an omelet party from the first eggs laid whereupon my 88-year-old mother-in-law said, "Honey, I'll be long dead before those chickens lay a single egg"! I guess we can't expect any eggs for at least 6 months. (Gratefully, my MIL is in good health so I'm counting on her to be at that brunch!).

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Summer of the Chickies!

Ever since I saw the chickens at the Del Mar Fair in June, I have been hankering for one myself. But it's not possible for me since my urban neighborhood forbids chickens as does my dog Scout. Oh yeah, and my husband forbids it too! But my friend Celeste, who took me to the Fair in the first place, lives on the "Ranch" where there is room for chickens!!! Well, when she told me she was going to get some, I went wild and insisted (didn't even ask) that I get a chick too and we could raise ours together at her house (such a deal!). While this was still in the planning stages in July, I made Celeste a fabric egg basket in preparation for the big day. That big day happened yesterday!!! Frankie (my chickie) is the red head and Celeste's is Betty (the brunette). They are Americanas. Okay, I said - Americana's it shall be...good ol' red blooded Americana's! And Celeste reminded me that what I really loved were the Polish chickens with those big poofy feather hats. Hmm. Well, I'd rather go American, I said (don't know why) although Polish chickens are probably born here. And Celeste with her hysterical sense of humor (that slays me!) said Yes, they would be anchor chickens! I get to hold Frankie tonight for the first time. Can't wait!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ribbons and Rick Rack!

We are receiving wonderful things purchased at the July gift show in L.A. You may honestly call us suckers for ribbons and trims as judipatuti and I add to our growing collection. We have thick rick rack that is so dang cute, labyrinth ribbon, wider silk ribbons and a whole bunch of sheer ribbons in gorgeous colors.

I made the bowl in the lower photo with fabric strips judipatuti sells in rolls called "Honeybuns" and trimmed it with orange rick rack by folding the rick rack in half along the rim and machine sewing it.

P.S. the cards in the bowl are our new postcards advertising us as the only boutique in San Diego carrying both yarns and fabrics.