Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stop in the name of Yarn before you break my heart!

Well, we picked up some friends and were on our way to the movies and they insisted on going in this particular direction. You have got to come to a full stop at the next stop sign, they said. Full stop indeed! Do you believe it?!# I've read about decorating trees and outdoor sculpture with knitwear but had never seen it done. This stop sign scarf is at Pocahontas and Hatteras Ave. in Clairemont across from the Montessori School. How cool is that? If you have made any similar sightings in San Diego, do let me know. I'm thinking about knitting a scarf for the bike sculpture in front of the Grove. Maybe this summer when it slows down a bit!


  1. Cooooool! I've seen things in Europe, and in Ithaca last summer, but none here. Will be on the lookout now =-)

  2. How cute and hardly out of my way so I'll definitely have to swing by and check it out!

  3. I think South Park needs a yarn graffiti project! How about it Susan?