Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tilli Thomas' Mystery Skeins Have Arrived!!!

There's no mystery about Tilli Tomas' Mystery Skeins except how they can make such exquisite yarns and colors for under $20 with 130 yards of silk, ribbon, alpaca, etc! We have them in a bouquet of spring colors and Valentine's Day Red.

Although many folks think I have the perfect job, it is work and it's work that doesn't pay well! So you've really got to love it. When I got that box from Tilli Tomas on Friday, I was so excited to see this gorgeous fiber. I love, love, love this, I thought. And I counted my blessings to be surrounded with such stunning colors and textures. It is absolute heaven. Couple that with the arrival of Done Roving's hand-dyed yarns and Pagewood Farms Rustic Spun, and I tell you, the store never looked so beautiful. And I'm excited to be going in to work today so I can see it all again.

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