Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011 With Open Arms!

Since we've had the shop, our New Year's Eve's are quiet, blessedly quiet. To me it signifies the end of the hectic retail season and a busy family time. All I really want to do is put my feet up and relax with David and Scout. No wild parties for us. No sir. We drink wine, play Scrabble (!), boil lobsters for dinner, listen to music loaded with memories, watch the ball fall in Times Square and sometimes we actually make it past midnight! This year was no exception except to the degree in which Scoutie involved herself.

Scout has got to, got to, sit right next to her dad at all times. Here we are sitting on the sofa with our deluxe Scrabble game in between us. This is not okay with Scout. She stands stamping her little white boots, snorting, and looking up at David as if to say....yeah, and where am I supposed to sit in this scenario. We ignore her. Eventually she jumps over the side of the sofa and lands on the back of it worming her way deep into the cushion behind David. Crazy, isn't it?

And she looks at me like, What? What?

Everything David does, she does. Here she is studying the board as intently as he is.

And when he got bored, she got bored (and didn't even try to hide it).
We barely made it through one game.

Then David starts getting the lobsters ready. Of course, he has to put one of them on the floor for Scout to play with before it meets its end.

She is absolutely clueless as to what a lobster is. She just sniffs and stares at it with her head turned and one ear cocked, with that little snaggle tooth showing. Enough already! I grab the damn lobster and put it in the pot myself. Geeze, boys and their dogs.

Well, I am hoping you all had a New Year's Eve that suited you just perfectly and that you have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!!!

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  1. I love that peek into your special New Years Eve, Susan! What a hoot, Scout and the lobster. Myself, it's been so nice to relax too... sigh... just sitting and knitting... thankfully!

    Happy New Year, and I can't wait to see you soon!
    xx, Val