Sunday, January 9, 2011

TNNA Treasures!

Last night I went to sleep dreaming of yarns, designs, and new class ideas (which actually isn't too different from every other night!). But last night's dreams were fueled by yesterday's TNNA in Long Beach where hand-painted yarns seemed to be in nearly every booth. We missed the fashion show the night before but heard that lace accessories were prominent. Although attendance was light, we saw a lot of familiar and welcoming faces and we placed quite a few orders.

I thought it would be fun to share with you the highlights over the next few days (not in any special order) starting with I hope I'm not the only one head over heels in love with this line cuz i bought just about everything they sell!!!

Can you find the lambie bank? She wears a little tag around her neck that says...why should pigs have all the money?!# And the salt and pepper shakers come with that little patch of grass under them. And there are key chains, coasters, and even aprons that come in all those fun colors. These will be shipped to us from Chicago midweek so we should be getting them in early next week. I'll be waiting in the window watching for the UPS truck and will let you know through our group on Ravelry when they arrive!


  1. Those are so cute!! Lucky you to get to go to TNNA!

  2. Saw you at TNNA but you were so busy concentrating on your buying that I could not catch your eye to say hello! These are so cute-I want the bank to save for more yarn.

  3. Susan, you must save a Lambie bank for me. My dear friend Barbie is known to us as Lambchop, Lambie for short. Signs her emails LBC. And I know she would agree that pigs should not have all the $$. Thanks for giving me a reason to come by.