Thursday, January 20, 2011

Heart Stitch Marker Holder By Puffin

One of the most unique vendors at the TNNA was Puffin & Co, the creator of this ingenious Stitch Marker Holder. The entire piece is made of copper, brass & nickel. There is a very powerful magnet on the back of the holder to keep it securely on your blouse without making any pin holes or other marks. The markers attach to the holder by a lobster claw...two per claw so when you are ready to use them, you just unhook the marker and away you go. Ingenious. Just ingenious! The markers do have jump rings which can tend to snag, but Puffin's are made of brass. They're a little finer and the joins are precise so snagging is not an issue. They retail for $30 which is an incredible value especially when you see the quality of the piece and those 6 markers. Aside from the heart, there is a cat holder and a lamb holder, with one being cuter than the next. We also carry their packaged stitch marker sets (6) in each pattern without the holders and their adorable needle gauges made out of Alder, a hardwood from Thailand. You must see them!!!


  1. Lordy, those are so cute, Susan! You always manage to find the sweetest things! Of course I am attracted to the Lamb holder, and must stop by for a peek... see you soon!
    x, Val