Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

I got up early this morning to do the February calendar and here's how it's going. I get some coffee. Sit at my desk. Stare out the window at my lemon tree. See how many different birds I can spot on the wisteria. Turn on my computer. While it's warming up, I knit on the Braided Necklace with Tilli Thomas' Disco Lights. Ok. I'm in Constant Contact. Staring. Nothing's coming. I know, I'll get one of my favorite fountain pens...that'll help me get in the right frame of mind. Let's see which one. I try several of them and decide to go with the standard Monte Blanc that is the least exciting pen in my collection but it is good for every day writing. I smell the fragrant ink that I bought in Florence years ago. I don't think there's anything more genteel than having perfumed ink. It's heaven. Hmmm. Oh look, there's that ball of Rayon Metallic in Old Gold. Geeze, I love that so much. I pick it up and turn it this way and that like a pitcher getting a good grip on a ball. I put it down next to the ink bottle. Hmmm. Look, these are some of my favorite things. I know. I'll blog about them. I get the camera and here I sit one hour into my day with nary a word written on the calendar. Does any of this sound familiar?#! Okay. I'm really, really gunna do the calendar now. But wait, I better wash those jeans I want to wear today. (And so it goes.)

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  1. A huge gift wrapped box of thank you, Susan! It does indeed help to know that others, especially others who I hold in high regard, do, think and feel at such moments as I do.