Monday, January 10, 2011


At the TNNA, I always scout for indie designers to promote small businesses while satisfying my customers' needs. Oftentimes, customers come to the Grove looking for a simple tank top pattern or a man's simple crew neck sweater. Oddly enough, there are few to no patterns that fit that need. Go figure!

Enter Karen Alfke and her ingenious pattern designs...called "unpatterns". Karen has written patterns for basic designs that suit any yarn, any gauge, and any size. Her patterns are written for bottom up or top down (requiring little finishing) knitting, both equally suited for beginners.

As I read over her patterns, I felt like I was reading my own words starting with ... to get a custom fit, the best place to start is by measuring a sweater that fits you. My approach is based upon a lifetime of knitting and reading patterns as well as the experience of having knit too many sweaters to count. With this experience, I am able to simplify steps and communicate information in a way that is easily understood. Now none of this exists in writing...until now. Karen has done this beautifully and working from her patterns, you will feel like a very experienced knitter is sitting by your side helping you with each and every step.

Although some of her patterns are not going to be available until mid-February, her accessory patterns are ready to ship. So within a couple of weeks, we will be receiving her hat and sock patterns. I will announce their arrival on Ravelry. I think you are really going to like them and I can't wait to help you select just the right Schaefer or Pagewood Farms sock yarn to go with them!


  1. Sounds fantastic! Love that purple shell in the photo. DebbyMc

  2. It was so nice to meet you, Susan! I'm so happy to hear that these resonated for you.
    We're excited to get the new Cardigan Unpatterns to the printer next week, and get them to everyone in February...
    See you on Ravelry! and thank you!