Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Alpaca Stole That Has Stolen Hearts

Hands down, the most popular pattern we have ever carried is, well, let's just call it The Swell Stole. (BTW, "Swell" is a combination of my first initial and last name of Wells.)

The yarn comes from an old New York company that you just sort of have to know about. They don't advertise and they don't accept credit cards. Their hanks are in large put ups which reduces cost. And Ursula alone answers the phone and takes your order. So by reducing their overhead in this fashion, they are able to offer some amazing yarns at modest prices. 600 yds. of alpaca for only $28...now that's modest!

When I held this yarn and tried to figure out what it wanted to be, the thought "fabric" ultimately came to me. It looked beautiful in a plain garter stitch. So I cast on and knit until I really, really got bored! When I took it off the needles and wrapped it around my neck, it folded beautifully in a shawl collar and almost looked like a coat from the front. With one of Jul's Cracked Coconut Shawl Pins, it is my favorite winter accessory.

We recently received a new shipment of their various natural heathers which are selling fast. So if you have any interest in knitting the stole, best come in soon!

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