Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It Fits!!!!!

We've been teaching this shop classic beanie for 7 years now. We've probably taught over 100 knitters how to purl, decrease, and sew with this beanie pattern. It is always so exciting when the last stitch is sewn and it fits!

This is a smiling Mia who is a natural. She started knitting in September and was understandably proud to walk out of the Grove on Saturday, sporting this adorable beanie.

And here is Karen, who wanted to learn to knit this beanie so badly, that she came to her first class after working a double shift. She was courageous enough to change colors so that the latter half of the hat (including the crown) was knit in "tulip". Just today she learned to knit in the round, starting a wonderfully fun Christmas stocking. 'Tis the time!

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