Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Uh oh. My Roots Are Showing!

Sometimes, I slip back into my New England roots and have these "Victoria" spells where I need bows and lace and reds, golds & greens. This usually happens to me in October when I get nostalgic for Fall foliage. Sure enough, my past snuck up on me this weekend last, and voila: the "Victoria Fabric Bowl" was born. (I could have really gone haywire and filled it with potpouri but I didn't!).

And this was just one of three bowls I cranked out between Friday & Saturday in preparation for Saturday night's Walkabout (along with over a dozen coasters). The word "Intervention" comes to mind as in I NEED ONE!


  1. I just love them Susan. I say keep on going while the mood strikes you!
    x, Val

  2. aaahhhh.....walkabout this Saturday night....you can have a raincheck on bd coasters....and I may just stop by, we'll be out and about taking friends to dinner

  3. I love the lace edge. These baskets are sweet. I may just need to drop into the Grove and check them out in person.