Friday, October 8, 2010

What's in a display?

Today judipatuti came in and worked on all our displays. Now, I'm friends with Judy. I admit it. And I'm a big fan. But honestly, without bias, she does the most awesome displays. She is an artist on so many levels. The above display focuses on our October classes. Displayed from left to right, is the Hip Hamper, the Clapotis, and the "Its a Wrap" pillow (to the right of the Clapotis).

But she didn't stop there. Here is the "baby" display where she artful hung the hand-knit Moo-Cow off the back of a child's chair by her tail! And surrounding Moo-Cow (hand-knit in organic cotton, by the way!), are the pacifier clips (also hand-knit in organic cotton) and clip-on baby bibs. She started from scratch seating all these wonderful items in the most appealing way.

And last but not least is the Halloween display on the table across from our cash wrap desk.

Can you find the following items in this photo?

- Hand-made fabric Trick or Treat and Candy Corn bowl,
- Sparkling Day-of-the-Dead fabric,
- Alpaca stole with crackled coconut scarf pin, and
- a basket of Joseph Galler's incredible Alpaca (i.e., the best deal in the shop at $28 for 600 yds.)?


  1. Susan! I love the "Where's Waldo?" aspect of your blog! Yes, I agree, Judy is an amazing display artist, but these photos don't do the awesomeness one sees in person. I can't wait to come in and see it all SOON!
    x, Val

  2. That alpaca sounds like the perfect reason to stop into the Grove. Also, I want to make a special baby gift. I'm thinking maybe that big old moo cow!