Monday, November 1, 2010

Viv as Cleopatra on Halloween

Someone shoot me. I'm about to be braggin' on my grandbaby, the aspiring knitter!!! But c'mon. She is 7 years-old. I know that's just plain ol' wrong, but it's true! Her poise comes from her mom, Estes, who has taken her to dance studio since she was a wee one. (Est grew up on ballet and now teaches little chickies to dance. Viv assists her in the studio.)

Viv was a tough baby because she didn't like not being able to walk (i.e., she cried a lot out of frustration). She was one of those babies that didn't even crawl...she just raised herself up on anything she could and started walking. Then she was happy (whew!). Movement is and always has been very important to her.

When I see Viv in this photo, I see the benefits of dance in her stature. She is centered and calm in front of the camera. She is at ease as a performer. So I'm predicting she will be a dancer, doctor, and knitter when she grows up!


  1. Yet another darling grandchild...I love it!

  2. Oh lordy, Susan, she is just the cutest munchkin ever! I love this photo!!
    I miss you, and hope to see you very soon.
    xx, Val