Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Bit Bossy, No?

Dee started this absolutely gorgeous Bitteroot Shawl in January. It's knit out of Heather by Schaefer Yarns and it has matching beads incorporated into the lacework. Enough said?!I saw her recently and she mentioned that she hadn't finished it yet. She left mid-cast off because it was taking forever. I begged her to come into the Grove the next day and sit in a comfy chair and finish it so she could wear it for the holidays. Well, I insisted, actually. Hence the title of this blog entry. Dee, who is so good natured, complied! And within a couple of hours she walked out with the shawl all but ready to wear. All she has to do is block it and accept the inevitable awe that is bound to follow. She did a magnificent job.

If you have a half-finished project that you purchased at the Grove, I would love to coach you to the finish line also! Just drop by!

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  1. You are a great cheer leader, Susan! I love the rusty orange color. My fav.