Friday, July 3, 2009


It happens all the time. Customers come in saying they're not sure what color that want to work in. A vast majority pick a color that they are wearing. We all seem to gravitate towards a family of colors and don't often wander too far.

In my case, I knit the sweater hanging behind this camisole first, using Kidlin, and two Habu yarns for the of them being in that dusty pink. Then I chose the yarn for the beaded cami (a free pattern on Ravelry from black dog designs) and without even thinking, gravitated towards the same dusty pink (which, by the way, we also have in linen)in Louisa Harding's Merletto. When I brought the finished piece into the shop, I was amazed at how I unintentionally knit the perfect camisole for under that Kidlin sweater. It is a perfect set.

Marcia DeCoster jazzed up the cami by adding some bead work along the hem and in the center front. Perfect match also! In case anyone else is tempted to knit the cami and bead it, we made up small packets with the exact beads used in this piece.

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