Friday, July 24, 2009

Schaefer Yarn Catch

Some knitting terms are derived from fishing terms so it seems appropriate to call these Schaefer Yarns a Fine Catch! Well, I swore I wasn't going to buy another skein of yarn until after the July 25-31st sale. If Lisa Limber, the rep from Schaefer Yarns hadn't contacted me with the rare opportunity to do a cash & carry purchase, I could have done it. But alas...she called, I succumbed and here we are with a Fine Catch of Heather, Nicole, and Andrea hand-dyed darn-near-edible yarns.

The thing that makes Lisa such a good rep is that she usually matches up these irresistible yarns with great patterns, some of which she has designed herself. Heather, a merino silk blend, is perfect for a Clapotis knit-along, which we'll be doing in August. Lisa has also written this one-skein Heather shoulder wrap pattern that's perfect for Fall nights in San Diego. Andrea, 100% cultivated silk is ideal for this reversible lace scarf which my hands are itching to do.
And then there's the soft merino/nylon hand-dyed sock yarn, Nicole. This pattern, called "Nicole Beaded Band Sock", incorporates seed beads, something Schaefer is known for (remember the Undulating Wave Scarf?). All patterns are free with purchase of the Schaefer Yarn to make the pattern. I could go on, but I know I'd lose you! That's enough for today!


  1. Lovely colorways! Lucky you...
    Sorry I missed the Walkabout last Saturday. I was in the store on Friday. My intention was to come by and see if you were able to complete the patterns for the cute little halter dresses displayed. I have 4 nieces that would be happy to have a handknit/sewn summer dress made by their doting Auntie A. Any luck in getting some patterns soon?

  2. You're in luck! The adult sundress pattern is the one that needs finishing. We upsized the children's pattern to create a "mommy" dress but haven't test knitted the pattern yet. The children's sundress patterns are on Ravelry under "Summerlin" and "Two Summer Sundress". We used Blue Sky Alpaca's Organic Cotton for the tops because of the wonderful colors, softness and durability (it's machine washable on gentle cycle). They match judi patuti's bright and beautiful fabrics perfectly.

  3. Thank you so much! Summer project will commence...
    Will send photos when completed...
    All the best!