Friday, July 10, 2009

Time Flies When You're Working Hard!

My, oh my. A whole week went by since my last post and I have to really think...what was a doing all that time? Well, we did a floor move. What that means is we rearranged everything in the yarn/fabric department to create better teaching space, easier access to the fabrics and threads, and a new needle holder system. This involved several trips to Ikea and the hardware store, and cajoling DH and Jake to move large fixtures. Just when we thought we had it all worked out, Jeffrey from Junc Boutique (awesome store on Fern) came in said - oh, no. No no no. Sigh. He has the best taste of anyone I know on earth and his opinion is never one I ignore. Here he is doing this vixen thing (or something!) and there's Judy & Gail in the background "directing him". I really hope he doesn't look at this blog because if he does, I'm pretty sure he will never help me again. Anyway, in less time than you can imagine, he had everything repositioned. And it is all for the best! To top it all off, Scott Anderson from the Bamboo Store gave us the water feature under the needle holders. He is certified in Feng Shui and did an in depth study on our space. In addition, he did a "clearing" early Sunday morning creating motion and energy. Scott says, it works whether you believe in it or not. But I do believe! How blessed am I to have all this support in my business?

Today, I am off to get supplies to label the needle holders so you don't have to paw through a whole bunch of them to find the ones you need.

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