Monday, July 20, 2009

Color Consultant

Oftentimes, customers will ask for my opinion on color. Then the process of elimination begins. If we can't decide between the two of us, then we put it to a "floor vote" meaning we ask other knitters for a group vote. One of the things I love about the Grove is customers giving their time and thoughtfulness to others in making the best selection. Here is Val doing just that! (It helps that she was an art major, and is a knitter, painter, needle felt artist, etc., etc.! Check out Val's Art Studio.)


  1. Some of my favorite time is spent sitting right there in the Grove and dishing out my opinion to anyone who will listen with half an ear! Such a great community of people there. I just love all the knitting, designing and creating that happens in your beautiful and friendly space. I always feel right at home when I'm at the Grove!

  2. Yes, but does her color consulting include more then a range of oranges???