Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Placemats: A Take-To-The Beach Project

To me, the first day of Summer is when I turn the air conditioner on for the first time. It's been on two days now. So, yes, I'm finally getting that it is Summer and therefore it is time to play with bright, fun cottons like these in a mindless, tv-watching, simple-enough-to-knit-in-public pattern.

The knit body is made out of Louisa Harding's Nautical Cotton knit in simple stockinette, backed with 1/2 yd. of Judipatuti's Amy Butler fabric (which also accommodates a matching napkin). This is such a good project for beginning knitters and sewers. There are some very clear instructions for making a dinner napkin on Purlbee. In her instructions, Molly points out that sewing napkins is a terrific way to learn to sew. Napkins are to sewing what scarves are for knitters...the place to start. We've got plenty of other colors in both yarns and fabrics to make an array of summer placements and napkins. The mix and match combo's seem endless!


  1. So fun, would be great in the Tina Givens fabric, hmmmm......

  2. These are beautiful, and so summery! I just love what you are doing with the knitting and the fabrics. It's so fresh and the options are limitless. Love, love, love these placemats. I'm wondering about scotchguard... I just know my boys would ruin them the first time on the table!

  3. No worries! The cotton fabric and yarn launder well. I admit that I wrecklessly dry mine as well as put them through the "handwash" cycle on my front-loading machine. And they look good after many washes!