Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Awe Geeze...To Hell with Weightwatchers!

Oh Good Lord, they have Philly Cheese Steaks that taste like the real thing (absent the grizzle)! I sincerely wish that I never discovered this place at 3501 30th Street across from the infamous "Lefties" that is open 6 days a week (closed Sundays). I wish they didn't have an outdoor porch area that is dog- friendly with a frequently replenished water dish. And I wish to god they didn't have convenient take-out. This is my new "Hooonnneeyyy? I don't feel like cooking. If I order it, will you pick it up ...." Cuz I know on some level that's it's just plain wrong to please the senses and your stomach with no heed towards diet or health.
And to top it off, they have a "Frequent Diner" card! And "Tasty Cakes"!


  1. Hi, Susan!
    Stopped in today, my birthday, and love what you did to the place. Sorry to have missed you, but will be back on the 25th for the Walkabout and to get myself one those nifty Namaste bags. They are so handy to carry my WIP and still look like professional business gal on the go!
    Have a great Summer! Gotta have one of them Hoagies...

  2. Well, happy birthday! I'm honored that you came to the Grove to celebrate. So glad you like the new and improved digs and that you'll be there for the Walkabout. It's always a fun night.