Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's a Dog's Life

judi patuti and I decided to make a dog bed using Louisa Harding's Nautical Cotton and Amy Butler fabric. We bought a dog bed at South Bark Dog Wash to cover. I knit the border with four different colors in a random stripe pattern. Judy had the hard part of making the cover, sewing it to the knitted piece, and constructing a backing with an elastic "waistband" to keep the fit snug.
Scoutie Rose, my dog, made an unexpected visit to the shop and I didn't want to miss the opportunity to catch the dog bed in use. So here she is saying, "You want me to sit here? Is that it?". Since she has the use of all house furniture, she is not liking the concept of lying on the floor.
Being her obstinate self, instead of lying down on the bed the long way, she lies across it the short way. She thinks she's in trouble for some reason. It may be that she is not allowed to touch my knitting and she's on forbidden ground here.
After an hour, she finally settled down and seemed to get the whole idea of a doggie bed but she still looks like she's in trouble. Very wary, I'd say. You'd think we beat her but honestly she has us wrapped around her little toe 10 times over. She has one of the best dog lives possible, especially since she was rescued from Rosarito two years ago.

P.S. About the bed. Even though it's the cutest, best-designed, most well-made dog bed in the entire world, we don't suggest making it. It was a stinker to put together. It is for sale at the Grove, though. Judy wanted to charge $660 because it was so dang hard to assemble, but we think $95 is more reasonable (based on the $20.00+ doggie bed we started with, 5 skeins of cotton, and 1 yd. of designer fabric, an original design and countless hours of labor!).


  1. Sold! I want it, Freddie needs it and I don't want to make it. I'll just post it on Ravelry once I get Freddie photographed in it! Thanks girls!

  2. waaahhhhh.....Maya is super jealous

  3. Oh dear, a dog tug-of-war. Since we are really not going to make another bed, no matter how hard Maya stamps her paws, maybe a rotation schedule? But, ah, we are dealing with Prince Freddie who is not used to sharing. He also has the age card going for him. I'm afraid this one goes to Fred, but only if it is bequeathed to Maya!

  4. Well, good news... the bed is much too small for Miss Lola! I'm sure Freddie and then Maya will love being able to relax in the bed of luxury!