Wednesday, February 25, 2015

We KNOW what we should do, so let's do it!!!

I like figuring out where the hell I am in a pattern just as much as the next guy.  So I don't usually assist a customer with an unfinished project, especially with a yarn I don't know or carry.  But I did schedule a private lesson with a customer and since the pattern required some study, I agreed to take it home, straighten it out and get the customer started on her way again.  After all, this hat (to be felted) was almost done.  So two hours later, I got it back on track.  And as I struggled to figure out this unusual structure, the following thoughts ran thought my head:

1.  Always print the pattern.  Do not rely on an on-line view.
2.  Keep the damn pattern with the project.  Pin it to it if you have to.
3.  I don't care if you're putting your project down to respond to a text with every intention of returning to it.  Mark where you stopped and where you are to start again.  Literally, I mark my patterns like this:  START HERE.
4.  Don't put it in the closet.  That is the kiss of death.  Out-of-sight, out-of-mind.  Now we all know to do these things, right?  But do we?  Not so much. Promise me you will try, though, OK?


  1. Haha! In my brain you are. I do all these things, otherwise nothing would ever get finished or remembered. My paper copies are completely marked up when I'm done...notes about the knitting, tv shows I want to record, music titles or books I want to order, needed grocery items, anything I have to remember that comes up while I'm knitting. They are a scribbly almost-diary of my life during the project.

  2. I love that you write all over your patterns. They become like a journal of sorts. Marvelous!