Friday, February 13, 2015

Now THAT'S Service!

You probably know about Ewe Ewe Yarns (and if you don't, you really should) and that Heather (pictured) now has a new yarn called Ewe So Sporty.  The color ways are identical to those of Worsted Wooly as are the labels.  Both make squishy, beautiful baby blankets (among other things) and the colors are just perfect for such a use.  A couple of weeks ago an out-of-town customer bought the Vanilla and Sky Blue in Wooly Worsted.  She was thrilled with her purchase and couldn't wait to start knitting.

Well, don't you know she showed up in the shop with a gorgeous half knit baby blanket to exchange several balls of Ewe So Sporty for the Wooly Worsted she was using. (How the heck did that happen?  They are shelved on opposite walls from each other.)   ARGH and we didn't have enough on our shelves to replace them!  She was leaving town that afternoon, with her husband driving.  They were on their way to San Francisco.  Good lord, and she'd have nothing to knit during that long ride.  I couldn't bear that thought!

So I called Heather and explained this unfortunate, intolerable situation and asked her if my customer could stop by her house and pick them up.  Of course Heather thought I was kidding.  No really, they're going right by you on the 5.  It took awhile for her to get that I was serious and out of extraordinary kindness, she eventually agreed to meet my customer at a Starbucks right off the freeway.  DO YOU BELIEVE THAT SERVICE!?$@!#@  My customer was absolutely thrilled.    (Now don't anybody else ask Heather to do that because that was crazy ballsy of me and she won't do that kind of thing for just anyone, and now I am indebted to her for life,).  Heather, you're the absolute goods!

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