Thursday, February 5, 2015

There Are Standards, Ya Know?

This has got to be the handiest, dandiest thing in the yarn world yet hardly anyone I know knows about it.  The Craft Yarn Council has a PDF that you can download which contains standard abbreviations, standards for yarn weights, body and head measurements, etc.!  So, you know I'm in love with that Eileen Fisher top I posted a couple of days ago.  To get the sizing correctly, I refer to the Yarn Council's standards ... the Women's section that has measurements for different size women and it even has a chart that defines how much ease a particular sweater style contains.  It's all so brilliant, I can't stand it!  So take a look at this chock-full-of-information PDF and expand your knitting horizons.


  1. This pdf is invaluable! I love having standardized info all in one place. I've used their various lists before so am glad to now have this pdf downloaded. Thanks, Susan! Feels like spring has sprung in SD, eh?

    1. So glad you like the PDF! Yes, Spring is here (and I can't say "at last", can I?).