Friday, February 20, 2015

Learning New Things

So here I was bragging to you about being top in my crochet class, graduating with honors, etc.  I write this now so that you know this ... each and every one of us encounters stumbling blocks when learning something new.  It doesn't mean: stop.  It doesn't mean:  I'm no good at this.  It doesn't mean anything other than you need to correct something.

How, you might ask, did my blanket turn into a tutu?  I can't answer that other than to say, I missed a couple of stitches at the end of the row.  When I noticed my error, I was rows and rows beyond it.  So I figured, I'll just sew a vertical zig zag stitch in line with those rows of single crochet and cut off that saddle bag.  Make it nice and straight and then crochet a border around it.  Not sure if that's going to work but rather then rip out the whole blanket, I think it's worth a try.

You may also wonder why I didn't stop at the waistband (i.e., where the stripes start)  and consult with my teacher, Janice.  Because I am obsessive when I learn something new and I simply could not stop myself.   MY HANDS WOULD NOT STOP.  They would not listen to reason.

My path from here on out is clear.  I need to sit by Jan's side and have her double check my end stitches so I stay on the straight and narrow.  Her generosity knows no bounds when it comes to time and patience.  I am determined to make her proud some day!

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