Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I WILL Remember to Bring this Bag to the Grocery Store!

I do try to be conscientious about protecting the environment, which means, among other things: 1. Remembering to bring reusable market bags to the grocery store; 2. not forgetting them in the car; and 3. Not forgetting to put them back in the car for next time. Well, I fall short on more occasions than I like. I'm thinking that if I knit my market bags out of this scrumptious orange linen (Euroflax Sport) that I may become a better citizen! So, I found this free pattern on Ravelry, the Ilene Bag, and saw that 612 folks have knitted it with rave reviews. We just got a new shipment in of Euroflax Sport which I was itching to get into...and this turns out to be the perfect one-skein project. I am knitting a 1" white stripe close to the top of this bag, and know it's going to be FUN and that I'm going to want to use it as often as I can. Hmmm. Since I need a shop sample, I'll be knitting more than one of these in different color combinations! Do check out Euroflax's color palette. YUM!


  1. Susan, I really want to make these as gifts...but I haven't found the right pattern yet. I will check this one out. And, of course, I LOVE the orange color!

  2. Beautiful bag, yummy color. I blogged about the Grove today. if you want to see it.