Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Egg Blue

...or is it Robin's Egg Blue. Whatever! I am in love with Misti Alpaca's Pima Cotton & Silk! It makes the most heavenly fabric. BTW, 327 yds, 100 g skein, sells for under $10 making it just about the best deal in the store! I am inspired by SKIF designs these days and although I understand how difficult it is to do "simple" and make it look like something, I am fantasizing about knitting a 3/4 length sweater-shirt with an off-center front closure, longer tails in the back, and side slits. Seam the two rectangles that make up the front, from the bottom up to as high as you would a v-neck cardigan. Let the tops of the two rectangles flop over to make a primitive collar. Hmmm. Maybe use one or two very cool judipatuti buttons to secure them flat. Ah, so many ideas this Easter morning running through my knitter's mind and so little time!

Hope you are enjoying this day of rebirth! And I leave you now, with a picture of the screamin' Amaryllis in our front yard.

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  1. I'm so excited you visited my blog and visit you, too. What fun this is, isn't it? Anyway, the blue of your yarn is my absolute favorite color.