Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sunset Magazine Shoots The Grove for June Issue!

If all goes as planned, the Grove will be in the June issue of Sunset Magazine. This is Dave, the free-lance photo-grapher from L.A. who did the shoot yesterday. He also visited Clarity and Daily Scoop. We're all pretty excited about the free publicity!

Later in the afternoon, a reporter from the Reader dropped by saying he was writing an article on South Park and wanted an interview. GEEZE, how wonderful to be getting all this positive attention?!!!


  1. Excellent, Susan! All that publicity is definitely great for your business. It's all certainly because you are so good at what you do over there, especially the "being Susan" part!

  2. Hi, Susan--

    This is Sherri (the person who STILL needs to come into learn how to turn the heel on her, ahem, Christmas stocking!). Loving your blog, love your blog banner--but did you realize it says "Swellsknits" rather than "Swellknits"? I'm a copy editor, know!!! I'll be in, one of these days, to finally learn the everlovin' mystery of heel turning! And congrats on all the great publicity--you, and the shop, richly deserve it!

  3. That is so awesome, congrats!!