Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stop the Deflowering of San Diego's Stop Signs!

You may have seen these delightfully decorated  stop signs throughout the city.  The most recent sighting for me was the stop sign located where Redwood dead ends at Pershing in North Park.  We were squealing with delight when we saw it and again thought of yarn bombing the decorative red bicycle in front of Daily Scoop this summer. 

On Ravelry today, I came across this entry about the City of San Diego requiring the removal of these innocuous stem and leaf decorations.  From what I gather the City's demand has something to do with not messing around with traffic control devices. Charlene Holkenbrink has started an on-line petition in protest to the demand for removal.  208 people have signed it including me.  1000 signatures are needed so if you have any interest, do visit that page and sign the petition.  Geeze, if they can yarn bomb the steps of Helsinki's cathedral we should at least be able to wrap the pole of a stop sign, no?

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  1. I found this article through Pinterest. Did anything happen either way?