Friday, April 6, 2012

Get Yourself Some Joy... And Make That Metallic!

I admit to resisting this whole fluffy, ruffly scarf thing that's going on. But my Plymouth Yarn rep convinced me to bring some on board since apparently, it's selling like crazy and we're the only store in the entire galaxy that doesn't carry it. I got the first bag in yesterday (it is hard to get...the best colors are on back order). If you just look at the skein you think...ick. Really. That's what I thought. But I took a deep breath, imagined I was knitting with cashmere, and began knitting a Joy Metallic scarf last night. And guess what? I discovered that it is FUN! And I like it!!!When you stretch the yarn out, it is a wide windowed mesh with metallic flecks. You knit along the very top of the mesh. The technique is so easy, but you do need to watch the You Tube video since you do not wrap the yarn. It's hard to put into words, but one glance at the video, and you'll have it down. So if you like earth tones, have yourself some knit fun this weekend and stop by the shop to pick up a skein ( you only need one for the scarf and it retails for $12.50). The Joy Metallic pictured is the only color we've received so far. We'll keep you posted re: new arrivals!

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