Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Metallico, a New Yarn from Blue Sky Alpacas!

PRESS RELEASE  Introducing Metalico

By Blue Sky Alpacas

Debuting at TNNA June 2012

A shimmering blend of baby alpaca and raw silk, available in six natural, undyed colors; genuine whites to silvery grays and flecked golds.

Blue Sky Alpacas is proud to offer Metalico. This rich yarn is a dappled blend of 50% baby alpaca and 50% raw silk, a sport weight yarn, available in 146 yard shimmering braids.

Luxury, as nature intended.

Utilizing naturally occurring shades of baby alpaca blended with undyed mulberry silk, Blue Sky Alpacas developed a sumptuous subtle palette; color ways provided by nature. Metalico will be introduced and available in six hues, supported by new patterns featuring pretty, classic designs.

Cinnabar – warm gold tones.

Flint – subtle notes of brown and silvery gray.

Gold Dust – soft, warm brown bewitches.

Opal - luminescent like its gemstone namesake.

Silver – delicate tones of gray with an elementary polish.

Platinum – engaging gray is deep and full bodied.

Metalico is available for preorders now, shipping in June 2012. It will also work with all Blue Sky Alpaca Silk Patterns.

Metalico will retail for $15.50 per skein.

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