Friday, June 12, 2009

Only Blockheads Don't Block

And so I have to remind my lazy self again and again! Once I do it, I wonder why I have such resistance to it. It really isn't that bad! And it always feels good when it's done. Here's my latest project...a beaded cami from black dog designs knit in Louisa Harding's Merletto, a linen blend with a beautiful sheen.

I use my old beach towel because it has stripes which help me pin things straight. I do it on my white love seat because I can shut the door and keep Scoutie from laying on it. I love these beaded straight pins which I got at Brytex Fabrics in San Fransisco probably 10 years ago.

This Egyptian Cotton Scented Linen Spray is perfect for spritzing and it leaves this incredibly clean, fresh scent on the fabric. I've used linen water for years because I wear, well, a lot of linen. If you haven't tried it for blocking your knitted garments, you must. It's awesome. Marshall's usually has a good selection of linen water.

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