Friday, May 15, 2009

Volunteers Needed

These sweet little violas are volunteers. They weren't planted. They just popped up from a seed that blew into my front yard and landed next to the blooming coral amaryllis. So they're all the more a miracle.

I'm in need of one other small miracle. Every sample in the Grove has been knit by me or given to me by one of the yarn companies I do business with (those, however, are few). And I would love to have more samples but am at a loss for time. So, I'm looking for some volunteers who love to knit and wouldn't mind knitting samples in exchange for eventually keeping whatever they knit. The garment will bear your name. If you are interested, please email me at with the subject heading "Volunteer Knitter" and I'll contact you shortly with more details. Thanks to all for supporting the Grove and continuing to in these rather uncertain times!


  1. every sample knit by you? ;o)

  2. Susan, I cant tell you how much I am enjoying your posts and the beautiful photos. I have found a new scarf pattern from the Chunky Alpaca folks. You just make my day. Thanks for being you. Rachel