Tuesday, May 19, 2009

La Vie Claire

Yesterday, my friend Marcia introduced me to La Vie Claire magazine. It is take-your-breathe-away beautiful. In the Inspirations by the Sea section there is a stunning photo spread and story about a sterling silver wire knitter, Genevieve Hunt. She uses pearls, crystals, quartz and other gems to weave bracelets that glitter like the sun off the Atlantic at noon. While there are no instructions, it appears that she uses garter stitch, a fine gauge sterling wire, gorgeous beads, crystals, etc. and metal needles.

Today, I think I'll dig out the materials I have from Annie Modesitt's class on wire knitting and try my hand at one of these beauties. Now, if I can just find my childhood metal needles!

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  1. It truly is a beautiful magazine. I think a subscription is in order!