Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Husband's Love for His Wife Who Has Given Him 4 Children & 1 on the Way.

Yesterday, a man in his 30's came in looking for a Mother's Day present. He spent some time examining Bea and Carol's jewelry cases. When I asked him if I could show him something, he said the present was for his wife. I heard reverence in his voice when he described her. She is simple and elegant. He sifted through every piece, thoughtfully, looking for the one that was her. He finally chose a silver bracelet with eggplant-colored stones saying it would go with most of the clothes she wears (geeze, a man who knows what his wife wears).

Before he left, he told me that the Grove was his wife's favorite place and that it wasn't a far drive from the Union Trib where he works. I asked him if he survived the layoffs and he said he had. He was relieved because they are expecting their 5th child next week. Relieved he said, but not feeling any better because of all the others who lost their jobs. 200 of them. What we always have to celebrate is each other and being in the world at the same matter what.

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  1. What a lovely story! So many people treasure The Grove. One of my favorite places on earth!