Monday, March 30, 2015

Haggens Has Arrived in North Park!

Overall, living in the 'hood is awesome but we have been a little deprived in the grocery store department. Sprouts has been "meh" lately with the fruit and veggie spoil rate pretty darn high.  So DH and I have been searching for convenient nearby solutions.  (God, I hope this isn't too boring!  When I start writing about recipes, shoot me.).  A customer told me that Food Bowl (right by our house) is a good place for fresh produce. WHAT?!# Alrighty, then.  So we tried it this weekend and actually had the pleasant surprise of being able to identify what we were eating with our eyes closed. Imagine that!

And then today we were driving down University and noticed that the old Albertson is now a Haggens.  Huh? So we pulled over and I went in to check out the goods. I am excited to report that it is beautiful. Really! Lots of organic veggies and fruits and a big selection.  I love bitter salad makings and they actually have radicchio (not easy to find).  And aisles and aisles of stuff.  They carry Bread & Cie and Sallie Rose breads (my personal favorite is the Chiabatta).  A darn good cheese selection.  Prepared foods that were actually tempting.  So run, don't walk if you're tired of the Von's shuffle and if Sprouts has let you down.  Here's to the neighborhood moving on up!


  1. Yep, our Vons is now Haggens, too. Hoping for LOTS of organics in every department. I hear they are doing a huge revamp of all the stores at the end of the year, that they are in a transition phase now after acquiring all the stores. Daughter says they are big in WA, took over her Albertsons, and that they are really awesome...a cross between a healthfood store and a regular grocery. I'm sure you've gone to the North Pak farmers' market on Thursdays? It's a really good one, lots of organics, even a ton of those farmers not able to advertise as organic actually are, they just cant afford the ridiculous process of certification...Happy Spring!

    1. Ah so they're from Washington. So glad you have one in your neighborhood! What an improvement, no? Our Albertson's was so depressing you could only stay in there 5 minutes before the desire to end your life took over (okay that's a bit dramatic but it was really bad!). And yes, there is always NP Farmers Market!