Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Creative Lettering: A Trend

Last year, I started getting interested in hand lettering.  I bought a couple of books on the subject, graph paper, colored pencils, fine tip markers, all kinds of fun stuff.  And I practice with the intent of doing signs for different categories of yarns at the "LACE", DK, HAND-DYED, etc.  And now, it seems like everywhere I look I see hand lettering.  And I realize this is the beginning of a trend.  This occurred to me while I was standing on line at Starbucks waiting for my breakfast sandwich (good lord, don't ever get one of these especially the Gruyere and bacon because you too will be addicted). And their signs give the impression that someone has written them by hand.  Funny how we think we're onto something unique and special to us and then find out that the idea has bubbled up from a collective unconscious. Not to get all Jungian, but do you know what I mean?

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