Friday, March 1, 2013

Chick & Egg Nestled in Lambey Lamb Wool!

Aw, look at that little chickie in his egg!  How cute is he!  I finished him after two nights of watching t.v. and brought him to the shop this morning because he's on our March calendar of classes.  I knit him in Cotton Fleece on #3 straight needles and I knit the egg shell with Skinny Cotton by Blue Sky Alpaca. The free Ravelry pattern is very clear and easy to follow.  This little guy was a pleasure to knit and I'm not much on knitting tiny things like toys that you can't wear!  He is definitely an exception.

When I arrived at the shop, I was delighted to find a delivery of Jade Sapphire's Lambey Lamb just waiting to be opened.  We picked out 7 delicious colors at January's TNNA and they are as stunning as I remember them.  They provided a perfect prop for Chickie.  Lambey Lamb is a fine, lace weight lambs wool and perhaps the best deal in the store with 825 yards for only $18.50.  It knits up like a dream and is soft as a summer breeze and as light as air.  The colors are saturated and vibrant.  If you are making an Easter basket for a knitter, do consider putting one of these yummy yarn eggs in there!  They are sure to please.

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