Thursday, January 24, 2013

Back in the Saddle, Surrounded with Nobel Art!

Wow, we're off to an incredible start!  We had some water damage to our home and moved out for two weeks starting January 3rd while they repaired and sanded our hard wood floors.  Which means...we were forced to take a vacation of sorts!  I took plenty of yarn with me and visited several yarn shops. For me yarn envy is inevitable.  It is so hard for me NOT to buy yarn at another store because I've got SO much of my own!!! 

One thing I noticed is that we have more samples than most stores and none of the ones I visited worked up free Ravelry patterns like we do.  We figure...knitting with fine yarns is expensive enough.  Spend your money on yarn and not on magazines or books where you'll find only one or two patterns you like.  Now that's sacrilegious of me to say since we are a book store but our customers are Ravelers from the word go and they do not buy pattern books!  That's just the way our customers roll.

I came back to the shop today to a box of gorgeous hand-dyed German yarn from Skacel called Noble Art.  It's a 100% wool (even the fine yarn that creates the crinkle!), bulky, and has 160 meters (100 grams per skein) which is enough to make one scarf or cowl on big needles.  Okay, so I'm good more yarn envy.  I haven't seen Noble Art at any other stores.  It's hot off the boat/plane and we've got it!  It's supposed to rain this weekend so it is a perfect time to knit!  Do stop by!

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  1. Finally re-started an old project Susan! Will be in soon to re-supply on yarn and The Grove. Happy New Year! xo