Sunday, March 3, 2013

Meet Purl, Who is No Shop Girl!

Scoutie Rose left a pretty big hole in our lives when she left us prematurely in October. While you can never replace a beloved dog, in due time you can love another!  This little doll is Purl, a four-month old Lab mix who crossed the border in TJ to find a better life in the States.   She came to the right place!  Initially, I entertained thoughts of her being a shop dog.  Oh, how lovely to have that little warm heart beat at my feet while at the Grove.  But alas, I am no trainer and she is distractingly cute.  My fantasy lasted about 2 weeks and then it became clear, she was on the move and no more liked being tied to the winding table than I would!  She does love yarn.  And Fabric.  And just about anything she can get her puppy teeth on.  That turns out to be a bit of a problem.  But we're working on "drop it!".  Her fur is as soft as roving.  And I just wish all my knitters who like dogs could feel her downy coat!    

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