Monday, March 19, 2012

Your Brain on Fiction

I have always been an avid reader of fiction and I am more than blessed to have access to such wonderful books at the Grove. I read for myself, but I also read because I am frequently asked for book recommendations. Sometimes I scan the main tables with a customer and realize I've read at least 40% of the books, and then I realize how much I actually do read.

I've always thought knitting and reading go hand in hand and many of our customers feel the same way. I can't tell you the number of knitters who have said...if only I could find a way to read and knit at the same time! I think I found the link that ties these two pleasures together.

In yesterday's New York Times, there was an article entitled "Your Brain on Fiction" One neuroscience brain study showed that reading metaphors that involve texture stimulate the sensory cortex (the part of the brain that perceives texture through touch.) So if reading metaphors about touch and actually knitting light up the same sensory center in the brain, wouldn't it figure that that's one reason reading appeals to knitters?

I'm just sayin' ... it's possible!

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