Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Flowers For Our Window Display

I admit that I am obsessed. Let's see. What are those 12 steps you're supposed to take? I'll start step 1 tomorrow.

Yesterday, DH had a routine procedure which gave me a full hour to knit one more puff. As I was playing with those I had finished, I thought it would be fun to make these into Spring flowers for our display window. The center will be from a bright yellow yarn and I'll embroider black french knots on it. I ran this idea by judipatuti and she's going to make leaves for them out of fabric. What fun! (But don't hold you're breath because this may be one of those "good concepts but too hard to actualize").

Unless....any volunteers? How about a Display Your Talent day at the Grove where we all put our heads and hands together and create flowers for an awesome window display? We'll supply the yarn, tea and cookies! Any takers, just respond here or email me at swellknits@gmail.com.

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