Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Knitting at the Movies

No, I don't ordinarily knit at the movies (1) because my hands are full of popcorn and (2) because it's dark! I don't look at my knitting much, but I find that the occasional glances down are necessary. What brings this all to mind is accompanying my granddaughter's 3rd grade class to see Lorax on Friday. Friday was pj day and all the little chickies were in flannel. The girls had done some face painting and they all looked like kittens. This was an astoundingly calm and well-behaved class which was not what I had envisioned. When I asked Viv if grandpa could buy her some popcorn, she said no, because it wouldn't be fair to the rest of the class. (What?!#) I snuck her a couple of handfuls and no one was worse off because of it. When she'd put her little braided head on my shoulder, it was as if a hummingbird had landed. I didn't breathe or move, savoring the sweet moment. So I couldn't have knitted, even if I had brought my project with me. I do have my priorities straight.

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