Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Piper in a Pot, Pipin' Hot!

This is precious Piper, Jan's beloved grand baby girl. She's what's for dinner in her crock pot crib! Who doesn't want to just eat that little cutie up? Anyone who hears the name "Piper" exclaims...that is the coolest name!!! Jan has knit this darling collection of caps and embellished them (which really puts them over the top).

All three are knit from Blue Sky Alpaca's "Simple Baby Hat" pattern. The light green one was knit in Blue Sky's Skinny Dyed organic cotton, color "Sprout". Jan modified the pattern a bit by ending with an I-chord "umbilical chord" top and then tying a leaf ribbon around it.

The red one is also knit with Skinny Dyed in the color "Cherry" with a hand-made polymer clay heart button by Zecca.

And the hunter green one is knit with a 100% alpaca and finished with a sheer ribbon bow on top.

By knitting for Piper, Jan has become a fine knitter. I don't think she even blocked these hats, but look at her tension. It's perfect. I am encouraging her to take on a sweater next. It will be the beginning of Piper-Wear, a collection of children's hand knits!

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