Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blue Sky Has Whipped Up a Beauty

I have often been accused of being dramatic and prone to exaggeration. (I can hear my friends saying...NO! YOU? and Gail I'm thinking of you in particular.) It's hard being the woman who cries beauty too much because when I find something extraordinary I may not be taken seriously. Well, I am going to deliver my message about Blue Sky's new yarn, Techno, as unemotionally as I can. The construction of the yarn is unique. Baby alpaca (which is a grade of alpaca...not really from babies) and fine merino are blown into a silk mesh tube (which is invisible to the naked eye). The result is a yarn as soft as fine cashmere without any twist. The label reads "Fast knitting, no splitting". It comes in several neon colors like Marquee Yellow above and several neutrals. It is going to be introduced at the June TNNA so it is not available to purchase yet but I was able to get a preview hank. It knits up on a 10.5 needle at 3 sts. per inch. You can also go down a few needles sizes bringing it to 5 sts. per inch without getting a dense fabric. Okay, I can't help this: I nearly cried when I held it because I have never felt anything so pleasing. I'll let you know when the first shipment arrives so you can see for yourself that I am not exaggerating!

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