Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stolen Moments Are Trying At Times!

I am teaching the Stolen Moments Shawl on March 23 so it is my job to blaze the trail, making every possible mistake (often unintentional!) so that I can warn those who follow me of the pitfalls. Well, with this shawl, I have done a pretty good job of doing just that all to my students benefit. I come up with "Susan's Tips" and they're all about avoiding mistakes.

With the Stolen Moments Shawl, my first tip is that this is not for t.v. knitting. No sir. I would say until you are about 1/3 of the way through, you have to pay attention. It's not that you won't know the pattern after the 2nd row. It's that it is so easy to miss a yarn over or a pass over. I have read most of the comments from the Ravelers who have knit this project and see that that is a common observation. This is no reason not to knit it because you will also see that it is an easy pattern, quickly memorized.

The big question I also have to ask myself as a teacher is: is it worth it? That's always the question. Is it worth the cost of yarn and is it worth the time it takes to knit? I would say this one absolutely is. I think this is one of those pieces that you will grab time and time again on your way out the door and you may just have to knit more than one.

I am experimenting with different yarns and looks, starting with Blue Sky's Alpaca Silk which is light and drapey in some gorgeous jewel tones. The one I am using is called "Peridot". Although the pattern calls for chunky or worsted weight yarn, neither is the best choice for Spring in San Diego. Hence, the choice to use a dk weight yarn on a #10 needle. If time allows, I will do a small sample of the stitch in Blue Sky's Worsted Cotton so students can select which look and feel appeals to them most. Now, back to knitting in the early morning quiet with DH and Scoutie Rosie still curled up together sleeping.

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